Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shutting Her Down

My brother and I headed up to pick up the keys and to have a look at the cottage before closing it down for the winter. I took some photos and measurements of the place, so that over the winter my wife and I could think about what we’d eventually like to do to the place. Fortunately nothing really needs to be done right away, the cottage came with contents, so we could start enjoying it “as is” starting in spring. But anyone who has read my other blog will know that I have a bit of a reno-addiction, so more than likely there will be some changes to the cottage over time.

Being our first cottage, I’m sure there will be plenty of things we’ll need to learn along the way. One of the first and most important is learning how to winterize it. I checked the internet for various lists and have come up with the following.

Winterizing Checklist:
- Empty all the cupboards and fridge of food, thoroughly clean it out. Unplug the fridge and leave door open with baking soda inside.
- Shut off the water pump and drain water from pipes.
- Turn off and drain hot water tank.
- Empty the toilet tank and dry it out with a rag. You can either empty the bowl and stuff the hole with a sock full of rags to keep septic odours out or you can pour RV/Plumbing antifreeze in the bowl.
- Pour RV/Plumbing Antifreeze into the drains.
- Pull any boats and water toys out of the water. Winterize and stow them.
- We’re in a quiet bay, so I don’t plan to take the dock out of the water, instead I will release the floating dock from its moorings leaving the anchors in place and tie it to a large tree.
- Clean and put away the BBQ.
- Winterize and store any motorized lawn and yard equipment
- Close all the blinds/curtains.
- Inspect and repair any loose shingles, overhanging branches and clogged eaves.
- Inspect around the base of your cottage, you don’t want debris or leaves accumulating and you don't want low areas around your footings where melting water can accumulate.
- Close and lock all the windows.
- Turn off electricity (see note at bottom)
- Lock up the crawl space.
- Lock up any out buildings.
- Lock and close the door behind you.

Here are some informative links:
CAA Quebec
The Cottage Chronicles

Note: Some people leave the electricity on, and leave the heat set to very low. Do not think that doing this means your pipes will be safe from freezing and bursting. As power often goes out in cottage country.

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  1. Great post, and thanks for the mention of The Cottage Chronicles. I appreciate it.
    I like your cottage winterizing shutdown list, practical, useful info.