Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a Small World

We've given our names and contact details to our cottage neighbours. There are a total of 12 cottages that share our little lane. We all chip-in to maintain and clear the lane of snow, as well we keep an eye out for each others' cottages. We've already corrresponded with the neighbours on the left and right of us. The couple on our left actually collect the lane fees from the cottagers and organize the maintenance. An important job, and one that i'm glad is in good hands. We discovered that our neighbours on the right also happen to be our neighbours in the city. They live just a block away from us. They also offered to answer any questions we might have and being cottage noobs, we will certainly have many, like where do you pick up the mail, drop off the garbage and how do you get to the marina? They also shared this winter photo of our shoreline taken from their dock.