Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cottage Signs

It's been a busy couple of months at the cottage. We opened the cottage up on Mother's day weekend, and since then have been cleaning, purging, fixing, sorting and replacing things to make it more "ours". Our cottage came with just about everything one would ever need to "cottage". I say just about everything, because there was one thing missing, the one thing that would truly make it "ours"...a cottage sign. Two cottage signs actually.

We got our carved wooden cottage sign from CNC Wood Carving (519) 951-0729. Doug has a lot of designs to choose from, but can also do custom work. Pretty much anything you can think of, he can carve into a sign.

When our sign arrived, we decided to paint it, to make it really stand out. Because the sign required so little paint, we bought tester pots from our paint store. And then once we were done painting it, we sprayed it with outdoor urethane. And here's the finished product:

At the entrance to our road there is a post with signs for all the cottagers on our lane to help visitors find their way. In the spirit of the 3 R's, i recycled the old sign from the previous owners, and painted it with some of the left over paint. I then cut a birch twig into sections to spell out "LIN". After pre-drilling the twigs, i screwed them on to the sign. And here's the second of our cottage signs to help people find our cottage.