Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Up Dock?

In my opinion a cottage isn't a cottage without a dock. The dock that our cottage came with wasn't much of a dock, it was more like a floating means to get from the shore onto the previous owner's pontoon boat. It was about 10' x 10' and had two staircases taking up most of that 100 sq ft. One set of stairs came down from a long ramp, and one set went up to the deck of the boat.

The Before:

With the two staircases the dock wasn't any good for swimming, lounging or fishing from. In fact there was hardly enough room left on the dock to fit a single Muskoka chair. Not to mention the dock was pretty old and rotted out. It actually was so old it had a small sapling growing out of it. So at the Spring Cottage Life Show, we ordered the show special from Dew Docks. We spent one weekend, demolishing the old dock. In the process we discovered why it sat so low in the water. Over the years critters had built a home under it, by gnawing a large cavity away at the styrofoam floats. Another weekend was spent loading up the dismantled dock so that it could be carted away. And then that wonderful day arrived, when the folks from Dew Docks put in our brand new cedar dock. I can't tell you how nice it was when the email arrived from the installer, the email had no subject and no text, just a picture of our new dock floating on our tranquil, peaceful bay. And with the heavy duty plastic floats no more worries of critters gnawing away at it.

We now start and end our cottage days on the dock (and spend a lot of time in between fishing, swimming and relaxing). In the mornings we walk down to the dock to have coffee and enjoy the stillness of the water with the mist rising off of it. And in the evenings we usually end up having a glass of wine and waving to the neighbours as they return from a day out on the water. People often say that the kitchen is the heart of their home. Up here i would consider the dock to be the heart of our cottage.

The After:


  1. Some homeowners who remodel or build new homes have an interest in recycled glass countertops instead of the far more traditional granite countertops for environmental reasons.

  2. I'd be spending all my time there too! Your chairs are perfect.

  3. GORGEOUS! Agree with you on the place of the dock in a cottage. It is by far the best part. My parents cottage had an okay dock when we bought it, but my parents had it extended so that the dock was in the sun pretty much all day long.

    Ahh...hope you are heading up for the long weekend!

  4. Great looking dock, or wharf as we tend to call them here in Nova Scotia. I love the width of the walkway. It makes my floating wharf look pretty pathetic, LOL. I assume you have fairly deep water off the end of the dock.
    We often spend time on our dock too, sitting in the morning sun in particular, or fishing in the evening. I completely agree, a cottage without a dock just isn't complete.