Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Hour - Sangria

My wife and i (and incidentally most of the guests we've ever had to the cottage) love red wine. Not just the snooty swirl in the bottom of the glass while make slurping noises type of red wines; but pretty much all red wines. Are you like us? Do you love red wine? If so, you've probably pondered the health claims associated with red wine, is it good for you or not? Well we figured with the amount of red wine we consume at the cottage, it might be prudent to tip the scales toward the good for you camp once in a while, by adding a serving or two (depending on how many glasses you have i guess) of fruit and antioxidants. Below is a favourite Sangria recipe of ours:

1 bottle of red wine (plonk will do)
1/2 cup Orange Juice
1 sliced orange
some blue berries (for garnish)
some sliced strawberries (for garnish)
1/2 can of soda

In a pitcher add the orange juice, wine and orange slices. Refrigerate for an hour so the flavours can blend. When ready to serve add a few of the sliced strawberries and blue berries to the bottom of each glass. Add the soda and ice to the pitcher and pour into the glasses. Enjoy!