Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best Present Ever

My Mother-in-law and i have a lot of similar interests. We both love renovating and restoring older homes. And both of us like rolling up our sleeves and doing a lot of the work ourselves. She's probably renovated twice as many homes as i have and even though she's twice my age, she still does circles around me. Everytime we visit her in the home that she is currently restoring, there's always some freshly completed reno project to check out. I wish i were able to check off projects from my to-do lists as quickly as she does. Hopefully, with the amazing birthday present that she bought me i can make some serious progress on some of those cottage items next season.

The best gift ever - Stihl MS230 Chainsaw:

...And just in time, here's a pic our lovely cottage neighbours sent us. Ordinarily this would be bad news, but now, i'm kind of excited to try out my new gift: